“The days flew by oh I’ll never forget Saying I do, one I won’t forget … I knew you’d save me From all that I was running from You’ll be my compass And I’ll be your light” – Lauren Engle


We LOVED the 4th of July! Fishing, fun and fireworks! Boats, beer and bikinis! hahahahaha We always saw the most epic firework shows!

Today I realized there was another thing I missed about Duane – something that I hadn’t thought about before …

When there was a disagreement with people in my life Duane always had a witty comeback (something I never have) and then the ability to load the boat, pack snacks and take me somewhere to fish where we wouldn’t have phone reception for a few hours, or days. It was so nice to just leave all the crap behind. He would give me that last closing statement and “we’re out”!

He had this ability to make you want to leave it all behind and to make you realize life is so amazing and can be so peaceful and beautiful without all the bullshit. I didn’t worry when he said say this and we’re done, lets go. 

I miss that. 

– xoxo Victoria 

P.S. How tan were we? (Other than my face) hahahahaha

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