Our Story

Some names and some identifying characteristic of the people “involved” in our journey have been changed to allow for some anonymity.  I try to recreate these events and conversations from my memories and journal entries. This is MY life and MY journey and this is how I remember various situations and how I feel about them.  If you see yourself in these posts and there is no photo of you or your actual name mentioned you are too vain. These is MY story and how I remember it.

I hope you all continue to enjoy this blog and I look forward to sharing the whole story with you down the road.

– xoxo Victoria

4 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. You are entitled to have a creative outlet for Your feelings, Your thoughts, Your loss. No one has the right to challenge these innermost feelings.
    Thinking of you often, and I send you my love, support, and friendship.

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  2. Your energy is infectious. As I read the material you’ve posted, I had a sense of someone on the edge of a precipice taking that last deep breath before soaring upward–not falling. We certainly don’t know one another beyond passing by in a room, but I’m cheering you on. You’re going to make a difference, Victoria. Don’t ever stop doing “it” your way.

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