“The ones we ain’t seen in so long The hold up a beer ones, the wish they were here ones The not forgotten but gone They’re in a better place up there But they sure left a hole down here We just go on livin’ and go on missin’ the ones” – Jeremy Stover / Richard Chase Mcgill / Paul Charles Digiovanni / Justin C. Moore

Happy Birthday Duane! Today you would have been 47 years old!!!!

Holy crap that’s old! I would have spent all day teasing you and making fun of you for how close to 50 you are. Your come back would have been some smartassy one about how you didn’t act almost 50!

We would have woken up from camping, morning fished and then water skied and wake boarded. We would have ridden dirt bikes, and flown somewhere for dinner.  The day would have ended with a harbor yacht ride eating your favorite – my mom’s carrot cake – double decker like she only makes it for you! 

We always managed to fit so much into a day! Today I bought (you- hahahahaha) a pool, “installed it” and ate that special carrot cake you loved so much. 

I miss you. Buddy misses you. Everyone misses you. I love you! Happy Birthday!!

– xoxo Victoria



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