“I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered”…”Life’s about joy, life’s about pain It’s all about forgiving and the will to walk away I’m ready to be loved, and love the way I should Life’s about, life’s about to get good,” – Shania Twain


I turned 39 last week. I wasn’t happy about it. So close to 40 and not much to show for it, other than a super cool dog and a pink polka dot, bedazzled boat (what more is there really though? hahahaha)! After a week of self reflection and working out again, I can say, wholeheartedly that I am happy … mostly. I do have down days, where I cry and throw things, and I am sure that they will continue to happen, but less often. In the last few weeks everything has started falling into place and I am moving forward. 

I have met some amazing people and made great friends. I have started a new business that incorporates everything I love and am passionate about and am so excited to see where it takes me. I have started to sleep again. I have started to work out again. And most importantly I have learned to accept an apology I will never receive, forgive and move on. I have forgiven people that don’t deserve any more space in my life. I can no longer waste my time on people that don’t bring me joy or contribute, in a positive way, to my life. 

I am confident in myself and what I can accomplish. My main goal in life is to be happy and at peace. Second is to be on the lake as much as possible. 

Thank you all for your constant, unwavering love and support, I am in this position because of all of you. I will continue to share with you; stories from my past and present, good days and bad days. 

– xoxo Victoria

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