“The next time you see a widow or widower try to pick themselves off, dust themselves off and ‘get back out there’. You have 2 choices. You can either sit down and shut up. Or, You can give them a standing ovation. For their heart. For their courage. For their bravery. Those are your two options.” – John Polo

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I have not stopped laughing since this song popped up on my iTunes yesterday, like usual, it was perfect timing. I was talking to a newly widowed friend about dating and how you know when the time is right or not right … blah, blah, blah. I don’t know how I became the person to ask (probably because I respond with songs like this, funny quotes and GIFs)! I am super funny! 

I told them it’s a personal choice. Who knows. I certainly don’t. It’s different for everyone and sometimes one week it is right and the next week it isn’t. Grief and young widowhood is a really weird thing. There is no guide book. People DO NOT LIKE it when young people become widowed. They don’t know how to act, respond or even be normal around us. They act as if they are offended and personally affected by it. Like it ruined their world. Divorce, single parenting and plain old hooking are more accepted and acknowledged than young widowhood.

It’s weird. But what are you gonna do?…

I’m gonna wait for my iTunes to play perfectly timed songs and laugh for two days about them.

I am going to make people feel super awkward for asking really personal questions about my life. 

I am going to laugh at women when they complain that their husband didn’t – mow the lawn, take the trash out, drink too much beer or spends too much time tinkering with things. 

I am going to play the widow card whenever I feel like it will help. (ex…getting pulled over, renting a house, buying tools, burning stuff in your back yard, having to do things I don’t want to do, car stuff, boat stuff…)

I am going to laugh at men when they complain their wife didn’t – do the laundry, cook dinner, went shopping again or nags him too much. 

I am going to … eat what I want when I want, clean when I want, do yard work when I want, shop when I want, do housework when I want, get as many dogs as I want, shower when I want, drink as much as I want, stay out as late as I want, sleep as long as I want, watch what I want and laugh at all the people who feel awkward around me and try to make them feel more awkward and uncomfortable because honestly it’s kinda funny!

– xoxo Victoria 

P.S. The best part of this song is the word “BONE” – Duane’s FAVORITE word! hahahahaha


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