“We’ve Got No Troubles, Life Is The Bubbles, Under The Sea”, The Little Mermaid

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Sea World.  We were given free passes from Donny’s friend, Philip who is a show host there.  It was the first time we have ventured out for a real event, for fun, not necessity, in a while.  

After battling more traffic then we thought possible we had an amazing time.  The first thing we did when we made it into the park was go see the show that Philip hosts.  It is all pets; dogs, cats, pigs, even a kangaroo!  At the beginning of the show all the animals run around like crazy!  Buddy was in heaven – loving it!  It was a great show, Philip is great at what he does.  Unfortunately there are fireworks in the show which really freaked Buddy out.  So our service dog spent the show shaking in Donny’s lap! HAHAHAHA

While we were there we went through a few exhibits and saw turtles, penguins, beluga whales and sharks.  On the way out we stopped and watched the flamingos!!!  The sun was starting to set so Duane, Buddy and I headed home.  It was a great few hours and we all had a lot of fun.

– xoxo Victoria

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