“(sees the inside of the DMV) Wait. They’re all SLOTHS? ” – Zootopia

The DMV.  In California.  Two days before Christmas.  We need titles for two things.  We hadn’t been out of the house in a week due to rain and bad weather…..How could this go wrong?  

Well, when we got there we got we saw a HUGE, LONG line that was well outside the building.  BUT, a security guard saw us and pulled us in a put us in the front of the “disabled”  line.  If anyone thinks that went over well – you don’t know Duane.  He got a little teary and I chose to ignore it in hopes it would stop – it did.  I got the paperwork and filled it out.  Twenty minutes into waiting Duane decided he didn’t want to be there anymore.  Miraculously we were called right then.  We had the most unpleasant woman helping us – as I am apologizing for Duane not having his own number for his jet ski and Duane having an expired license Buddy decides he doesn’t want to be there anymore and starts pulling towards the biggest, most tattooed (not in a good way), dirtiest, scariest family I have every seen (remember he’s in his service vest, completely not acting like a service dog).  He starts licking the kid – who is across the aisle – so people are lining up waiting for me to get him out of the way.  He then decides if he can’t play with them he going to pull the wheelchair and himself into the aisle.  

At this point I think the DMV lady realizes that we have some issues on our side of the counter and becomes nice and hurries through my name change paperwork, my car paperwork, Duane’s jest ski paperwork and within a few more minutes I am paying and we are out!!  (But not before we get stuck on the lip going out the door!)

It’s always and adventure!

– xoxo Victoria

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