A few months ago when we were still living on the yacht, San Diego had a horrible rain storm, the rain did not let up for four days.  We managed to stay dry even as the boat started to leak a little.  One night in the middle of the storm we went to bed early having given up on the weather clearing.   A few hours later Duane woke up and elbowed me, “We need to get up NOW!!”  I went through our getting up routine of sitting him up, dragging him to the end, sitting him up again and then pulling him off the bed.  As I helped him slowly move to the living room I smelt the fire.  I looked at him wide-eyed and he said, “Yep – HURRY!!!”  Once we were in the kitchen he had me check all the outlets in the back of the boat, when those were all okay he sent to the bathrooms.  One good – and then I opened the master bath door and saw this….The outlet had exploded and caused a small electrical fire.  I initially thought that somehow the toilet exploded – that’s what it looked like.   

Everything was fine and we were fine – he said he woke up and heard a pop and then a bunch of little pops – he knew what it was all along.  I was so scared after that.  We slept in the living room for the rest of the night to avoid the electrical smell as much as we could.  

The best part of this story – the thing we still laugh at is that he looked at me and told me to HURRY – like I was the one holding us up! hahahahaha

xoxo Victoria

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