“You may think you hate it now, but wait ’till you drive it.” – National Lampoon’s Vacation


We were able to move into the Havasu house early, which meant we wouldn’t have our new sleep number bed for over a week.  After a few uncomfortable nights switching between an air mattress, a chair and a beanbag we decided to head to Vegas and buy a bed that would get us through the week and then work in the guest room.  

Our plan was simple – go to Vegas, buy a bed, pick up the Family Truckster and Mastercraft and head back to Havasu.  All went as planned until RC Willey tied the bed to the roof of the metallic pea grocery getter; within 10 miles the mattress had slid off the box spring.

I pulled over in Boulder City, and with Duane’s direction tried to retie it to the roof.  After 10 minutes of frustrating tears, his not mine, we decided to try and put it in the boat for the 200 miles back to Havasu.  With Duane in the car, I pulled and pushed and dragged and lifted the mattress and box spring into the boat.  They were in, they fell out, they were in, they pinned me against the motor… I looked around and saw people just watching and laughing and pointing.  Blown away by the completely rudeness of people the tears started.  Then a truck pulled up and a man and his niece asked if they could help.  They got out of their truck and helped me move and retie everything down.  They took about ten minutes out of their day, but it saved me hours.  I couldn’t thank them enough.  

We were then back on the road headed home – waving to all the people who slowed down to look at us as they passed us!! 

If you see someone on the side of the road that obviously needs help – please stop and help them – you could literally save their day!

 xoxo Victoria

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