I’m hiding under the bed!

The other night the wind was howling and the rain was pounding when I finally crawled into bed.  I turned the diffuser on and pressed play on the nighttime mediation playlist and hoped for a restful night for the both of us.  I immediately fell into a deep sleep.  A few hours later I was awakened to a pounding outside.  I, obviously, immediately thought it was a serial killer, trying to break in and murder me and steal my dog.  After a few terrified moments I realized the noise was too steady to be a drug fueled killer and thought of other possibilities for the noise.  

One option was all the pool equipment outside on a shelf, another was the table and chairs, or coolers, or dog toys.. I leaned over and Duane was sound asleep, so was Buddy…So I grabbed the remote control (my weapon of choice) and tiptoed out of the bedroom.  Realizing the noise was coming from the backyard I scooted to the back door, quickly flicked on the lights and saw the robber – sleep robber.  My SIMPLIFY sign – which is know living in the front hallway. 

-xoxo Victoria

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