“She’s living in a world, and it’s on fire Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away Oh, she got both feet on the ground And she’s burning it down Oh, she got her head in the clouds And she’s not backing down” – Jeff Bhasker / Alicia Augello-Cook / Salaam Remi / Billy Squire / Nicki Minaj


My goal was simple – so I thought. Make it, working in the hospital for 6 months. Don’t quit, for any reason. Stick it out … today I hit my 6 months. 

Duane always said I never finished anything. I would commit to something and then I  wouldn’t follow through. I proved him wrong when I got my captain’s license, when I finished school and now again that I have fulfilled my goal of working in the hospital for 6 months. (The last two he didn’t get to see, but it still makes me smile to say, “I told you so”! I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to prove him wrong! hahahahahaha

I didn’t know if I was going to like it – and the jury is still out. I went back to school to work in hospice – to give back to the organization that had helped us so much. Help people life their lives to the fullest even in the hardest of times. 

It has not always been easy. Twelve hour shifts, lots of poop, difficult patients, normal work drama. There have been days that it has been extremely trying. There were days I cried in the cafeteria at lunch, fell asleep on the couch before eating dinner and thought there was no way I would make it through another day. But there have also been amazing days. Appreciative, thankful patients, efficient team work, gratitude and new friendships. It has been such a learning process. I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn and grow and work in this environment. 

I have grown as a person and have a realized again that life can change in an instant. You are a left turn, fall of a ladder or trip down the stairs from a completely different life.  You need to value your life and your family everyday – everything can literally all change in a second. I am really proud of myself. 

Life is short. Be happy. As Duane said, “live your life like it’s the last day, but prepare for the future, just in case”. 

What will my next adventure be?

– xoxo Victoria

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