“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten” -Aldo Gucci


I am not a label person, never have been, Duane was.

I follow @seersuckerandsaddles on instagram and watch her stories daily. A few weeks ago she posted about this Gucci watch. I saw it and liked it but didn’t think about it again. The next day she posted about it again and it was about 50% off … thought about it, but decided against buying it. A few days later she posted about it again. I had this horrible nagging feeling to order it, so I did. It arrived, I looked at it and put it back in the box, ready to return it. It was extravagant and not something that I normally buy. 

A few days later I still had a nagging feeling about this watch. I went back to the box, opened it up and put it on. I fell in love. It fit perfect and I loved it! The nagging feeling stopped. 

Then I remembered …

When I met Duane he wore a Gucci watch that he loved. He wore it for years but after beating it up on fires, water skiing and fishing it looked like crap. For his 40th birthday I got him a new one. He loved it. 

So for my 40th birthday this year I bought my self the same present I bought Duane. It’s weird how things come back around in new ways. I am constantly being shown Duane is still around. 

– xoxo Victoria

3 thoughts on ““Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten” -Aldo Gucci

  1. I love how this ties the past, present & future memories all together with a ribbon of ongoing love!! Enjoy your 40th Gucci watch & may it remind you of that love!!

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