“Loose Lucy is my delight She comes running … Round and round and round and round … Singing thank you, for a real good time” – Jerome J. Garcia / Robert C. Hunter

Lucy Lucy, Loose Goose, Lucy Loo, Lucifer … Lucy my love. I miss you. I will always miss you. 

This is something I haven’t written about or talked about a lot, or at all really. In all honesty my heart is still so broken. In August of last year I decided Buddy and I needed a new family member … enter Lucy. The craziest, cuddliest pup I have ever met. All she wanted was to be touching another living thing and to eat. She was super easy to train, a complete spaz and loved Buddy more than he was comfortable with. hahahahaha She was just what we needed. 

On March 28th Lucy was killed. A school bus driver swerved onto my property and killed her. It was very graphic. It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. The driver didn’t stop and it took 24 hours, the police, school principal, parents and lots of digging for me to figure out who did it.

I was devastated. For her, for Buddy and for me. I couldn’t stop crying, as I type this I am still crying.

She died alone. I was 20 feet away, but she was alone when she died. I am 100% sure she didn’t suffer. She didn’t even know it happened, but she died alone. I believe with everything I have that no living being deserves to die alone. Holding a hand or a paw in those last moments is how a life should end, with the passing soul knowing they were loved. So my biggest hurdle, the thing that hurts my heart more than anything, the thing that makes me cry the hardest – did she know I loved her? Everyone keeps telling me she did. I told her everyday, I showed her everyday, but she died alone and that should never happen. 

I just miss her and love her and hope he knew that. Buddy misses her to! (He created a “shine” for her, I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow).

Fast forward to tonight … Buddy and I were driving over to my sister’s house. I was driving on the 2 lane highway and I notice a car coming towards me swerve into my lane and swerve back and keep going. They were avoiding a dog… a dog who had just been hit, whose tail was still wagging, laying in the highway. I immediately pulled over and put my hazards on, the car coming in the opposite direction did the same. (Both of the cars behind us also stopped and held traffic for a good 4 minutes for us to run onto the highway and help this poor dog). We carried him onto the grass and the other girl looked to see if the neighbors knew the dog … they did. It was a neighbor’s dog – their 3rd dog in 6 months to run onto the highway and be hit. The went to the house, no one was home, another neighbor called the owner. He said, “it’s ok, just leave it”. WHAT?????? I was blown away by this, who says that? I stayed with that dog as the blood gurgled in his throat and he took his last breath. I kept my hands on him the whole time, petting him and telling him it was ok. 

When I knew that he was gone I stood up. Another neighbor thanked us and said he would take care of him if the owner didn’t. i hate to leave him, but there was nothing more I could do.  I joined Buddy in the car and drove to my sisters. Buddy climbed into the front seat and licked my arms and laid his head down, he knew what had happened.  

When I got to my sister’s house I realized I was covered in blood. She gave me towels told me to take a shower. All I could do was think how thankful I was to be there for this dog. Show him love in his final moments. I am so sad. The owner’s callousness made me question human kind once again.

– xoxo Victoria 


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