“Welcome to my house / Baby take control now” – Flo Rida

I have an alarm. I installed it as soon as I moved into my new home. I didn’t have one before – while living with Duane or living alone before Duane. When he passed away and I moved into my own home, I got one. I didn’t even think about it, I just called and got one. I have friend who recently lost her husband, also to ALS, and she put in an alarm too. She told me this and I laughed and just said me too. 

I laughed because why did we do it when they passed? We spent years caring for our husbands who were not able to protect us if someone broke in, but we either still felt safe or we were to tired to care about security … I’m not sure which one it is! HAHAHAHA!

Duane and I had a serious conversation about safety one night. We were living in Lake Havasu City, he had ALS and could stand but no longer walk. He could no longer use his hands and people were starting to have a hard time understanding him.  One night  I woke up because I thought someone was breaking in – it was the wind … but before I army crawled across the house, hiding, to spy on the noise, I was so scared. Duane was awake and so we started talking about it. All of a sudden hit me, if we were home and were robbed or if there was a house fire how would I get him out? I immediately said I would drag him out. I will never forget what he said.  

“You run. You grab Buddy and run. Leave me. If it’s a “robber” they don’t want me and if it’s a fire you need to get you and Buddy out. Don’t worry about me”.

Obviously I started crying and said I would never leave him and I would do anything to save us all. He was very adamant about me just making sure I was safe. Me and Buddy.

 So I guess, by installing an alarm (and having smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers in every room) I am making sure I am safe. I am taking care of me and the dogs because Duane isn’t here to do it anymore. I am doing what I know he would want me to do. Being safe. 

– xoxo Victoria

(On a side note. Everytime Duane and I left each other, whether for work or to the store he would always say “Be Safe”.)

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