My New Venture

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This is my new venture. After struggling for the past two years I realized there needs to be a place for us young caregivers to go for support and knowledge.  I dove head first into caregiving with NO medical training at all. I could have used a place like what I am hoping to create.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts to what I should discuss or topics I should introduce.  I appreciate each and everyone of you and all of your support and love. 

The Young Spouse Caregiver Alliance was created to help connect and inform young spouses and or significant others on their new role. As young spouses we have a different set of needs, questions and issues that older spouses and for hire caregivers don’t have. Individuals who have the taken on the massive role of caring for their spouse or a signifanct other in their time of need need a special kind of help and love.

– xoxo Victoria


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