“Your Drain Pipe is Having A Bad Hair Day” – Stahler

Our house was built in 1953.  The pipes are 64 years old – if there are even pipes still down there!  The owner is waiting for his daughter to graduate high school (1 more year) and then will demolish it and rebuild.  

Every 5 or 6 months the plumber has to come out and clear the drains, we are getting to that point now.  In between when we get a clog I buy whatever brand of drain cleaner is on sale and pour it down.  And it ALWAYS works.  I pour a bottle down, let it sit over night, run some hot water in the am, clog gone.  Well this time Duane said no I couldn’t do it because it doesn’t work.  I asked him if I should just call the plumber then and he said he didn’t know.  But he couldn’t leave it there, instead he said in front of my parents that I “need to stop waisting money”.  I was so mad at him.  (He thinks that because I don’t work it’s his money.  But that is a WHOLE different blog post … or two).

I poured the the stuff down the drain and guess what it worked.  We are clog free. 

– xoxo Victoria

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