Medication Changes Suck


As Duane’s ALS progresses we changes his medications in an attempt to keep as comfortable as possible.  We do this with the help of our Hospice nurse and doctors.  Two weeks ago we tried a new med. We were hopefully that if we were able to successfully get him on it, we could ween him off of 5 other ones and be able to make him more comfortable and, because it was a liquid, choking and swallowing issues would be eliminated.  

Well it didn’t go well.  He reacted very badly to it.  The first three doses were great and then the fourth dose was too much.  The nurse thinks that it is possible that the ALS has progressed to a point where that medication is too strong.  We had a real rough 48 hours getting it out of his system, Buddy never left his side.  He is back on his old meds and is once again as comfortable and happy as he can be!

– xoxo Victoria

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