Havasu or Bust!


Going to Lake Havasu was something I had been looking forward to for two weeks.  We were going to leave on Friday, have a nice night alone, I could eat my favorite meal in the world, his brother and family would arrive Saturday and we would go to the waterless boat races. Nothing like that happened. 

Duane decided we were not going on Friday. So we got up at 4am on Saturday, I loaded all 4 bags, a wheelchair, a lawn chair, towels, special pillows, blankets, a special chair cushion, dog food, snacks, Buddy and Duane into the car. (Remember we were going for 24 hours). 

The short version – a 4.5 hour drive turned into 7.5 hours – Duane can’t hold his head up, he can’t swallow, he can’t talk.  We get to Havasu, he spends 2.5 hours trying to nap, me rolling him ever 20 minutes.  He wakes up, wants to eat, chokes, lays down, tried again, chokes.  Leave late for the waterless boat races…they are sold out.  Back to the hotel tries to finish his lunch, can’t hold his head up, can’t swallow.  Goes back to bed – spends all night with me rolling him every 30 minutes with a 1 hour gap at 2am where we are up to do meds.  Get up at 7am – go to the beach, get on the road for home at 10am.  Stop so he can have a date shake. Keep driving – I doze off while driving, almost kill us (not really about the killing part but true about the dozing part).  Get home at 5:30pm, get Duane in the house, unload the car, try 2 times to take a nap but kept getting interrupted.

That was our last road trip. 

On a plus note – I got to eat a blackened scallop salad…my favorite.

– xoxo Victoria


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