Things I didn’t know and Now I do

Things I have learned through this experience…

  • how to unclog a really clogged toilet
  • how to pull apart a carburetor
  • how to work on diesel engines
  • how to work on mercury motors
  • how to move an entire house by myself 
  • how to hook a car on a car trailer and when it breaks half way through the move how to fix it
  • how how to light a pilot light
  • how to administer more types of meds than I ever thought possible
  • how to deal with insurance, medical, hospice people to get what we need
  • how to continue to tow a boat when a trailer tire blows
  • how to change a boat trailer tire
  • how to put together a stationary bike – trickier than you think
  • how to change multiple shower heads in order to make them all accessible 
  • how to use a Dremel
  • how to polish stainless steel
  • how to clean boat interior perfectly
  • how to replace sub woofers on a mastercraft
  • how to replace a heater core on a mastercraft

I’ve also learned that

  • life is hard sometimes, but you can always keep going
  • life is not fair
  • how to be ignored, dismissed and degraded without reacting
  • people in times of difficulty can be really mean
  • if you don’t forgive, you are only making yourself more miserable
  • I have the best sister in the world 
  • watching someone die is hard
  • it is okay to accept help
  • being a caregiver is the hardest thing I have ever done
  • saying I’m sorry can fix so much
  • not hearing I’m sorry can make you bitter, forgive anyway
  • saying I love you everyday is very important
  • hugs are magical
  • its okay to cry
  • dogs really are a girls best friend

– xoxo Victoria


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