“Clothes Make A Statement. Costumes Tell A Story.” – Mason Cooley

WOW!!  HAHAHAHA!!  I love it when people text me these old photos that I completely forgot about!

These photos are from October 2006.  I went with Duane on a fireman’s  houseboat trip.  There were about 20 people, two house boats, lots of costumes and way too much alcohol.  The trip has so many special memories for me…

– The weather moved in, everyone else left.  Duane and I stayed and ended up drinking a JUG of wine.  (you know the big old glass gallons jugs?) The whole jug and ate a whole packet of hot dogs. 

– It was my first time at Bullard’s Bar.  A place we would continue to go to for ten years – it was actually the last lake I fished with Duane in January 2015.

– First time I caught a fish not using minnows. 

– First time Duane said I Love You to me.  

– xoxo Victoria

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