“Red Sails Of The Starboard Bow, A Ship Full Of Pirates Headed Straight Our Way” – Sirens of TI

Well today really turned around… Below you will see two posts the first one is the way I was feeling this morning, the second is the way I am feeling right now.

 I almost posted this morning and held off thinking it was too much.  As the day has passed I realized – it wasn’t too much, it was the exact way I was feeling.  As look back I am SURE that it was still the way I was feeling.  No regrets, no embarrassment, just pure feeling.  

The second post is how I feel now.  

They are complete opposite feelings.  I embrace both of them and see them both for what they are. 

Post 1 …  There Are No Words

Eye rolls, laughing at me, ignoring every question asked, telling me what I did wrong, telling me I was rescued, have secret conversations, lying … Complete and udder rudeness and disrespect…. What My Days Are Made Up Of.  

I am not writing this for sympathy or for advice.  Maybe I am writing this AS advice.  Chose your life plan carefully.  Make sure you can always take care of yourself. Make sure you are loved.  Make sure you are cared about.  Make sure you are not being used beyond you wildest imagination. 

Post 2 … 

I got a text from an old friend today, someone I’ve know since 2003 – 14 years – WOW – for the first time in a long time I am excited about what is to come, opportunities and life itself!!  I feel as if I lost myself and this one text completely transformed my thinking.  I have seen this person through hard times and great times and am so so thankful for him.  My entire thought process has been changed and altered.  He won’t agree and will say it’s nothing but it seriously saved my sanity.  

Never underestimate reaching out.  The power of words and love. 

– xoxo Victoria

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