30 to 2

A few weeks I ago I took a CPR class.  This was my final requirement needed to complete in order to submit all my classes and passes to the Coast Guard to receive my actual captain’s license.  

I had taken the class before and was able to it all online except the 1.15 hour classroom/ skill demonstration section.  I breezed through the online portion not paying any particular attention to it.  When I went to the class we had to demonstrate on another classmate or dummy all the techniques.  Boy, am I glad we did that!

A few days after passing the class Duane choked.  He chokes all the time and I can usually just just do a finger swipe, get the food out and on we go.  Not this time… he choked on a tortilla chip and it got stuck.  I put him on his side and he still couldn’t cough it up.  So I used the heel of my hand on his back and gave two thumps before the chip FLEW out.  It really flew out.  I was amazed – it wasn’t just like that on tv. 

Duane was fine and he actually hasn’t choked since then.  I am SO glad I took that CPR class!

– xoxo Victoria

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