And In The Middle of My Chaos, There Was You

My sister came to visit this week, and I am so thankful for that.  We only had a little bit of time alone together but it was magical.  We were able to go to dinner and have a nice chat about everything except Duane.  As mean as that sounds it was amazing.  

On our walk home from the restaurant she asked me why I don’t blog more.  I told her I feel bad blogging, I feel like my last few blogs have been negative and sad.  I went on to say that I feel uncomfortable sharing so much because I don’t want everyone to feel bad for me and think that I am a complainer.  The wise, wise little sister that she is, told me to keep blogging and keep sharing and that everyone is rooting for us and everyone loves us.  No one views me a complainer.  

So based on my wise little sister I will be blogging more.  Using this as a way to keep everyone updated and as an online journal.  There are times it will be happy and joyful and times it was be negative and heartbreaking.  It’s all part of this journey.  

I want to thank everyone for their constant support and love and comments.  I appreciate and love you all!

– xoxo Victoria

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