It’s Been Awhile…

Yes, it’s been awhile since I blogged.  Over the next few days I will attempt to do a few months worth of blog posts.  We moved back to San Diego at the end of July.  We can say we moved because of the heat in Havasu, the pool was broken, we wanted to be on the yacht more…but when it comes down to it we moved because the time had come to be around family.  To be in a place where we have a little more help, a smaller home and are closer to Duane’s happy place – the yacht.  

It’s been an adjustment and the house is in no way handicap accessible.  It is harder to move around in, harder to get in the bathroom, the bedroom and the shower, but we are making it work.  

We miss Havasu.  We miss the freedom.  We miss the lake and pontoon.  We miss our hospice nurse.  We (I) really miss our privacy.  

Moving was the right thing.  We still love to go fishing and still love to have visitors.  (We have had quite a few since moving back).  If you want to come visit you are welcome.  Let me know if you want to come down and I can make sure the yacht is ready for you to stay on!  Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

xoxo Victoria

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