Another Post With No Photo…My Rant

I usually post happy, fun things on here, but as time is passing and Duane is progressing I am getting bitter.  Not at him, not at the disease but at the government – local government.   There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that toxins (inhaled from fires) cause ALS.  (Not always – there are other causes…) There are more links than I can post, more evidence than I can read, more examples then there need to be that show this.  

Congress passed a law in 2012 that states (i’m paraphrasing here) if you were in the middle east while serving in the military and you develop ALS it is considered and occupational disease.  It’s because of the oil rig fires.  

So they know there is a connection.  

It’s so frustrating.  

We’ve known this for awhile.  We have kept our thoughts about this to ourselves – mostly.  But as I see other fireman with the same or similar or worse issues than Duane has it really become obvious and so so sad.  It’s so hard to watch Duane progress and to see other guys that were on the same major fire as him have horrific issues.  It breaks my heart.  These firefighters put there lives on the line everyday and when something like this happens the government, the union…all turn a blind eye.  The bottom line is that it is all about money.  

Sorry for my rant – it’s just so hard to these guys in such a bad place.

Hug a firefighter today!

– xoxo Victoria


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