This is the first post with no pictures.  It is 11:45 pm, Duane is in bed and I am on the couch with ice on my elbow, back and hip.  I fell tonight…hard.  I, Duane and we have fallen other times, a few minor injuries here and there but tonight was a turning point.  Up until this point it has been just us, I will be calling for help tomorrow.  It is time.  

Almost two hours ago we were getting ready for bed and I tried to lift him off the couch and he couldn’t stand, we both fell onto the couch.  We tried again…he fell sideways onto the couch I fell backwards onto the hard tile floor.  

He has always fought me on getting extra help, after ever fall and after every progression he gives me a reason it happened – I always give in.  If I don’t get someone in soon, the next fall will be worse.  He will be mad and he will not even want to talk to me but there is no choice any more. 

– xoxo Victoria

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