Lack of Blogging


I have seriously been lacking in the blogging department.  Once again, I will try and do better, hopefully posting a few times a week.  The following blogs are from these past few weeks of us going back and forth to the yacht in San Diego and spending time with his family.  As fun as it is while we are there, we pay for it when we get home. Duane is tired for days when we return making even conversation difficult, putting him in moods that don’t really allow for much blogging time.  We have our next months scheduled, with a few free weekends and days in between San Diego and Havasu.  If you would like to see Duane and hang out on the boat, please let us know.  As the ALS progresses he is getting more and more tired and I’m not sure how much longer we will be able to take the boat out and have a fun day on the lake!

– xoxo Victoria

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