At least I didn’t roll it this time!

On days when we don’t have any visitors we like to take Buddy down to the lake and throw the tennis ball for him.  Yesterday I grabbed Duane his taquitos snack and off to the beach we went.  We usually go to a very hard packed sand area where I can pull the car to the very edge so Duane can watch Buddy being Buddy.  Well, yesterday Duane wanted to try a new area…I told him it was too steep and sandy…what do I know?  Well apparently I knew right!  We got stuck.  He will say I drove wrong and didn’t listen but if we hadn’t tried the new spot in the first place we wouldn’t have gotten stuck.  

Right when I was about to call a tow truck a 4-wheel drive truck pulled up and starting backing down his jet ski.  I walked over to him, explained the situation and he said he could try to help.  He saw the fire sticker and asked about it, I told him Duane was a retired fire captain that medicaled out.  He went on to say that his entire family was made up of fire fighters and he would love to help us out.  He explained to me what I needed to do and then pulled us up to flat, hard land.  As he unhooked the strap he asked it it would be alright if he went to shake Duane’s hand.  I took him over to the passenger side and he grabbed Duane’s hand and thanked him for all he did!

I love nice people!  There have been so many times when the right people have come along and really helped out.  Next time you see someone struggling or needing help, please help them – you never know what their back story is.

– xoxo Victoria

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