“But somehow I can’t shake, The feeling I might make, A difference, To the human race.” – Avenue Q

From flip flops to compression socks, filleting fish to taking vitals, how has my life changed this much? I never imagined a life where I wouldn’t be on a boat, on the water catching fish and drinking beer. I never imagined buying compression socks, wearing crocs or taking blood pressures, and yet here I am! HAHAHAHA. 

This new life has its perks, health insurance, 401K, a paycheck. But it lacks freedom, afternoon naps and I’m stuck inside for 12 hours a day … and Buddy hates it! 

I had a funny blog planned for tonight comparing my past to my present and where I’m going, but my heart isn’t in it tonight. I received a message tonight from a friend. She told me her friend’s boyfriend was diagnosed with ALS and asked if it would it be ok if she reached out to me. YES!!  Absolutely!!  As it turns out I know him, or knew him many years ago – we spent a fun filled summer working alongside each other at the waterslides  He has an aggressive progressing ALS. An ALS similar to Duane’s. My heart is broken for them. For him, for his family and his friends. 

ALS is a monster. An unrelenting, non-discriminating horrible monster. People are diagnosed everyday. People die everyday. And yet so little is still know about it. 

I have no real words tonight. I hate ALS.

Hug your people. Love your people. 

– xoxo Victoria


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