“Sometimes I forget these ten digits ain’t my lifeline anymore Every now and then, I dial ’em up When life gets tough” – Chase Mcgill / Jessi Alexander

I heard this song on the radio while I was driving the other day and immediately burst out laughing. It’s actually a pretty sad song but when I first heard it I could only think about the poor person who has Duane’s old number! hahahahahahah They must be constantly bombarded with calls.

People would randomly call or text Duane months, even years after they met him just to touch base with him – I know, I was one of these people. hahahaha He was great person, always there to lend a hand if you needed it or up to go out and have fun. He very rarely said no.

After I was done laughing I listened to the song again and stopped laughing. I really miss being able to pick up the phone and ask him a question, get advice or tell him a funny story. I still talk to him, but he doesn’t talk back. I’m lucky though, I had so many years of him explaining how things work and teaching me how to do things, that I can usually talk myself through a project.

I’m not sure if anyone one knows this (why would they) but I have a few saved voicemails on my phone from him – I didn’t plan on saving them, they are just there. You can hear the progression of the ALS in his voice, all the voicemails sound like different people. But I can still hear him say I love you in them!

– xoxo Victoria

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