“So this is what the truth feels like This is more of what I had in mind” – Justin Tranter / Julia Michaels / Mattias Per Larsson / Robin Lennart Fredriksson / Gwen Stefani

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In late December I self published my personal journals on amazon. This was something I had told myself I would do before the year was up … I barely made it. I wanted to do this, felt like I needed to do this. I needed to try and reach one person, help at least one person who is in the same heart wrenching position I was in. 

These were journal entries I wrote on and off during Duane and my’s battle with ALS. I was so scared to put it all out there. Scared to show everyone who had supported us and loved us through the last few years what it was really like. What I was feeling. What we went through and how bad some days were. 

This collection of journal entries are the opposite of what this blog was. Here I was able to show everyone all the fun we were having. Share the fishing trips, laughs and all the moves we made in such a short time. #thisisals was uplifting and positive and showed people you can do anything. The blog was originally started to keep all our friends and family updated on Duane’s progression and our adventures. 

This is where the favor comes in … If you have read my journals can you please hop over to amazon and give them an honest review please? I am finishing up a real book and would love to be able to use this to help that. I have had so many people (so many strangers too) email, instagram and message me about the journals. The positive messages and the genuine thanks I have received from people I have never met blows my mind. So I guess what I am asking is – if you have messaged me or emailed me a review would you mind also doing it on amazon? It can be anonymous. (It can also be negative! I mean if that’s what you think).

Thank you all for your continued support and love! I wouldn’t have made it though the last few years without you!

– xoxo Victoria

Live life to the fullest and laugh as much as possible. Life is so short and you need to enjoy every minute, tell people you love them and have no regrets. 


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