“‘Cause he knows how to treat his woman And he knows how to make ends meet He’ll take you for a ride in his four-wheel drive And he’ll fix about anything” … “And there ain’t nothing better than Being loved by a workin’ man” – Angaleena Loletta Mcco Presley

My house has a well and septic tank (I’m sure that will lead to a completely different post in the future). That water is harsher on your skin and hair so I’ve had to change my products and try to figure out how to manage my blonde hair. Today I used purple shampoo – I’m not sure how it works, but it makes the blonde, blonde again… MAGIC. When I was done I looked around the shower and there was purple shampoo and conditioner EVERYWHERE. How did it get on the ceiling?

I started laughing and started cleaning and then I realized I have never noticed this before. I have had every color hair throughout the last 10 years (pink is my favorite), I’ve dyed it at home in the bathroom or the shower hundreds of times. I’ve never noticed the dye and the shampoo. And then I realized…

I never cleaned it up. And I never knew what a mess it was because Duane just did it, never said anything about it, just cleaned it. 

Over the last few years I have come to realize that there were a lot of things Duane just did that I didn’t know anything about. Gutter cleaning, propane filling up, maggots in the outside trash can… He went to work and then came home and cleaned hair dye out of the shower. 

I didn’t appreciate it. But I do know. Learning how to do all of this by myself has been challenging and, at times, defeating. I had the best teacher though. 

I wish I would have told him more how much I appreciated him and everything he did for me and us. 

– xoxo Victoria


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