“Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny.” —C.S. Lewis

Apparently I have been doing this for a while. 

I LOVE school. I started clinical last week and yesterday I started with my own patients. I would never have imagined I would be so happy walking the hospital halls and taking care of people. I am currently in the Surgery/Trauma unit, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, TBIs. All the patients I came into contact with were sweet and helpful and so willing to work with a student. They were encouraging and were really excited about being able to help us learn. I am sure they won’t all be like that and I’m sure there will be hard days but I feel like I made the right decision. I couldn’t be happier. 

The pictures above are from when Gracie had cancer. We had to give her IVs because she had lost so much weight. Duane did them and then… he had to go back to work… so I had to do administer them. Duane taught me how. (Seriously though, Gracie was a very patient patient. The first time I had to do it alone I placed it wrong and she cried, I started crying – feeling horrible that I hurt her, she turned around, licked my hand and then turned back around waiting from me to try again). So when it came time to inject Duane’s meds he looked at me and said “you know how to do this, I taught you with Gracie”.

– xoxo Victoria

One thought on ““Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny.” —C.S. Lewis

  1. Victoria you have a gift. It may not be the one you wanted. But it is yours. And you are wonderful at it!! You keep people smiling when they don’t think they can. You are amazing!!!

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