“Don’t you go dying on me!” – Dumb and Dumber

Buddy threw up tonight, more than once. I am terrified he’s going to die. He can’t die. He’s my best friend. What would I do without him? He’s sitting in his bed staring at me like I’m crazy and I’m sitting here googling every possible way a dog can die and seeing if throwing up is a “sign”! 

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m nuts. He’s not going to die. He probably just ate a mushroom from the yard or a bug or he’s hot or he simply just had a stomachache. 

I wonder if being this paranoid about death has to do with being a widow… I’m sure it does. I literally don’t know how I would handle another person dying. The fact of the matter is that people and animals die, we’re all going to.

We all need to remember life is short, have fun, love fiercely and be happy. 

– xoxo Victoria

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