“He’s climbin in your windows He’s snatchin your people up Tryna rape em so y’all need to Hide your kids, Hide your wife Hide your kids, Hide your wife” – The Gregory Brothers & Antoine Dodson

This is my life…

This happened to my right arm and elbow on Monday night… No I wasn’t drunk. Buddy and I were sitting on the couch watching The Voice and someone knocked on my door.

“It must be a robber or rapist or ax murderer”, were obviously my initial thoughts.

As I’m kicking myself for not buying a gun yet I slowly got up and low walked to the side of the couch where I could look out my glass front door, that Buddy was hysterically barking at and throwing himself against . As I got around the the couch from my rug and stepped onto the wood floor my super cozy socks slipped on the wood. As I was falling I grabbed the couch with my arm and the first bruise occurred. I scrambled to a half standing position and then my cozy socks slipped again and I landed on my wood floor on my elbow.  Buy this point Buddy had stopped barking and I had realized the two, 18 year old, female, Mormon missionaries were watching all of this happen through the glass door. 

The socks are in the trash. 

– xoxo Victoria

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