“One day you are going to wish you had these days back,” Travis Moran


I remember exactly where I was when Travis said that to me.  I was standing in our living room, tears pouring down my face, exhausted and defeated because Duane was being Duane. We were having a real rough day, we had company in town, it was at least 120 degrees and he was insisting on going to the lake in the Metallic Pea Green Truckster. It was impossible to get him in that car and onto the boat on a good day, and this day was so far from a good day – I didn’t think it could get worse. I was wrong! hahahaha!

Duane has been gone for 6 months today. 6 months without my best friend. The days are getting easier and I am surrounded by some really cool people.

I feel at peace. I am happy. 

And you know what – I’ve never said this…. Travis was right.

– xoxo Victoria

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