“Old people at weddings always poke me and say, “You’re next.” So, I started doing the same thing to them at funerals”.


HAHAHAHAHA.  Old people crack me up!  Seriously!  I have attended a variety of group style counseling/ grief seminars/ meetings and the same thing always happens. 

Everyone introduces themselves and explains the reason they are there.  Then the “meeting” starts.  There is usually a topic being discussed, and everyone (that would like to) can contribute, share and vent. Regardless of the topic there is always a reoccurring complaint.  The older people (I’m talking 60’s, 70’s….sometimes even 50’s) express their pure hatred of people asking them why they are a widow, how did they become a widow, when did it happen… They all cry and explain that it’s rude, intrusive and hurtful. Everyone holds their soggy tissues and nods in agreement.

I shit you not….The second I get to the parking lot and unlock my car I am swarmed by a mob of old people asking me those very questions!  


I explain it to them, one after the other (because they can’t hear me in a group) they hug me and say I’m too young to be a widow.  They ask really in-depth questions and follow up with even more in-depth personal questions. In those few minutes they are able to break every “rule” they wish outsiders knew about communicating with widows. It’s so funny. At least I leave laughing!

– xoxo Victoria

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