Thanksgiving Eve – the second most magical night of the year, second only to 4th of July. 

I went back and forth regarding the party this year.  The “Under The Big Top” theme came to life months ago, Duane knew about it and was so excited for it. We talked about it, come up with ideas and thought about costumes and food. We had a plan.  

He passed, I moved to North Carolina, where I have like 5 friends, so I decided not to do it.  My sister convinced me to do it. I invited everyone I know here and decided to see what happened. AMAZING!!!  We had such a great turn out and I think everyone had fun. 

I had a few teary moments; thinking about what if and missing Duane.  Thanking everyone for coming and being part of my first solo Thanksgiving in 12 years. I defiantly shed a few tears…

I seriously cannot wait until next year.  I have two potential themes and cannot wait to see where this year takes me and Buddy. 

Thank you everyone who came and had fun.  I appreciate you all!! 

– xoxo Victoria

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