“You did Duane a solid and he did you a Solid. Have fun – live your life – That’s what Duane wanted!” – Jeff Scott



My brother- in- law is literally the best.  He dropped everything flew to San Diego and drove me and all my crap across the country.  The majority of the time he got sweaty and drove the UHaul so I could drive the Jetta and hang with Buddy! We drove 17 hour days to get here in three days.  We laughed, ate crap food and had as good of a time as anyone possibly could in the situation.  

He opened his home, let me live with them, helped me find a place of my own and has supported me though this whole process.  We have spent many nights sitting on the couch talking about life and this journey. He has listened and supported me.  He has been so important in the transition.  He’s amazing. And Buddy LOVES him – they’re BBFs

– xoxo Victoria

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