“5 Bass Limit”! – Chris Jones

I just got home from the 2017 Forest Wood Cup in South Carolina.  What an amazing event!!

Travis is one of the hosts for FLW Live which they film the mornings of the tournament and broadcast live on the internet.  Because it was the Cup they were filming from the venue and Liz was joining him.  This season Duane and I got up every morning of every tournament (sometimes at 5am) and watched Travis on FLW Live.  Duane LOVED it! So with the Cup being only three hours away this year and Liz and Travis being there I hopped in the car and headed down. 

This was the first fishing event I have been to without Duane and only the second one I have been to where Duane wasn’t competing.  It was an great weekend,  the FLW puts on such an amazing show.  It was great to watch Travis do his thing and so much fun to hang out with him and Liz!  

The two pictures above on the left are of Duane fishing an FLW event in Lake Rosevelt, AZ and the other two are of Day 1 of weigh-ins this year.  

Thank you Liz and Travis for everything!

– xoxo Victoria

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