“Love Boat soon will be making another run – The Love Boat promises something for everyone – Set a course for adventure” – Jack Jones

In case anyone was wondering what I did yesterday, it was replacing all four batteries in the yacht.  And by I, I mean my dad.  

We have been having trouble with the starboard engine for about 6 weeks.  It won’t start and we have had to emergency start it to get it running.  Duane’s brother went through it and it seemed like it was good to go…. Well yesterday the same thing happened.  I got it started and let it run for 15 minutes, turned it off and then 20 minutes later it wouldn’t start again, my parents were there by then so my dad and I opened the engine compartment and took a look.  

First I checked the fuel filters to make sure they weren’t leaning.  Then I checked the oil to make sure we had that all set.  Then I said what about the batteries.  We looked at the first one and it needed water.  I turned around to look at the other four and one was cracked and split open with no caps or connections on it.  I showed my dad and he immediately said it was dangerous and needed to be replaced.  

…So long story short my dad took out and replaced all four batteries in the boat and now we are good to go!!

– xoxo Victoria

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