Stop, Drop, And Roll – We were stopped, we were dropped and we were rolled but we were on the floor not the bed

Everyone loves a fireman.  Yesterday the wonderful Del Mar Fire Department paid us a visit.  

I was in the process of moving Duane from the bathroom to the bedroom but his legs were frozen straight.  I tried with all my might but I could not bend them.  Due to the configuration of our home I knew we couldn’t get into the bedroom with his straight legs…so it was time to try out the hospital bed.  

Well we had never tested it, or tried it so I had his wheelchair in a wheelie position, resting on my hip as I tried to set the bed up to transfer him.  Once the bed was ready I set all 4 wheels down and he immediately started to slip out of the wheelchair, his legs were frozen straight and there was nothing I could do to stop what was happening. I ended up helping him slide to the floor and placed a pillow under his head.  I went to get help, but no one on our street was home, so I called 911 – and was put on hold – no one even said “please hold” – it was just a recording. So I called the station direct and asked for a lift assist – I was crying and explained the situation – they headed right over.  

I met them outside, told them Duane was a retired fire captain and they came in wanting to help.  They petted Buddy and lifted Duane into the bed and made sure we were all set.  I walked them out – crying and apologizing. They asked about him and how he was doing and if they could do anything and to not ever hesitate to call. I thanked them and went back in.  

Duane was fine but Buddy was PISSED!!  He seriously thought the bed was for him.  He was so confused as to why Duane was in “his” bed,  It was funny and we laughed, finally having him jump up and lay with Duane. That dog is so spoiled!  

– xoxo Victoria

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