Let’s be honest – everyone who knows Duane knows that he doesn’t apologize easily – if at all, and never mind admit to being wrong.  hahahahaha  

This is partially my fault because for the last decade I have very rarely “stood up” to him mostly because I don’t care that much  – I always thought if he needs to be right – fine.  Well the problem we now find ourselves in is he lashes out a lot and a lot of times he is wrong.  It is the disease and I am aware of that but it becomes overwhelming at times.  I have tried to say something a few times but I never have before so now in his mind (my opinion) I’m am being “mean”, “not nice” and “rude” (his actual words).

So now what?  Every few weeks he likes to “have a talk”.  It just happened tonight.  He said I “watch him struggle”  I know he needs help and I don’t help him.  

What??? I tried to ask him for examples and explain what he was saying, but in the end I said ok – you’re right I will try harder and pay more attention to you, I love you, good night i’ll be in in a while. And all he did was shake his head in disappointment and say tomorrow. 

– xoxo Victoria

One thought on “Truth

  1. Its extremely frusterating, scary, and all around heartbreakingly tragic when You, the affected of disease can not do for yourself once what you could do. As well as your caretaker is frusterated, scared, and heartbroken over caring for, and knowing your losing the person you care for and love. Its complex, normal, and confusing. The inflicted and caretaker do not have the same emotions at the same time, and therfor causes “stupid fights”. Its part of the process that Im sure sucks more than the physical breakdown.

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