I Finally Found My Sleep Number. It’s 6. 6 Glasses of Wine.

I got my own bed today.  The mailman delivered it in a box and within minutes, my very own twin bed.  For the last week solid and for the last two months on and off I’ve been sleeping on the floor. The floor sucks.  We have a super nice, very expensive sleep number bed, it is heaven and I have done everything I can to stay sleeping in that bed with Duane but it is no longer possible.  

When I sleep in the same bed we get about 80% less sleep than if I sleep on the floor next to him.  If I am in the same bed he needs to be rolled about every hour, which when I’m sound asleep, sometimes makes me upset.  And to be perfectly honest I have no control over being cranky after getting up 8 times a night, every night, eventually I’m gonna have a little breakdown one of those times.  Well Duane thinks I should never be tired and not need sleep and always be super happy when I get up in the night.  NOT POSSIBLE.  It then turns into a “fight” with Duane telling me I’m not nice and I’m mean and frankly I can’t handle that anymore.   If I sleep on the floor, Duane only needs to be rolled 2 or 3 times a night – which is completely manageable, I have yet to get upset rolling him when I sleep on the floor.  Except sleeping on the floor sucks.  It’s not comfortable, it’s cold and I have thoughts of bugs and mice (which we don’t have) crawling all over me.

So I bit the bullet.  I ordered myself a bed.  I have delayed doing so because every time I say I am Duane convinces me to sleep with him in the bed again…and the whole cycle starts over.  So I did it.  I got on Amazon and ordered a bed.  It is SOOOOOO comfortable. I will sleep well tonight.  

It is sad too.  I will no longer sleep next to Duane.  This is something we should have done months ago, but it was so hard to finally give into it.  

Get cozy tonight – you never know when you won’t be able to!

– xoxo Victoria


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