I’m Just Sitting Over Here Being “Unteachable”

On the yacht we have two depth finder/GPS units, we also have a VHF radio.  They all work well but we needed to wire one of the GPS units and the radio together that so if we make a call on the radio it will automatically send our coordinates to who ever we are calling.  

Ok… I am actually the one who originally wired the units in the boat, 3 years ago, when Duane’s hands first started not working.  (Meaning I wired them and for 3 years they have worked.)

We sat on the couch and Duane explained what would need to be done once we got to the boat.  I called Lawrence 2 times to get wire to wire instructions.  We get to the boat.  It took about a hour, due to misplaced pieces, tools and twisted verbal directions but it got done…and it worked.  So imagine my shock when we get home and among the “compliments” I received was that I am unteachable.  

Sometimes he is just mean.  (Please don’t respond and say  “be nice, it’s the disease” sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s just being mean). The reason we were at the boat and I was doing this was because of the conversation we had the night before:

D- I’m proud of you for getting your captain’s license.

V- Thank you

D- Just because you have your captains license it doesn’t make you a captain….

V- The United States government doesn’t agree. (Probably shouldn’t have said that but….)

D- You only know how to drive one boat and you don’t know how to fix anything or work on a boat.

It feels like if he gives a compliment he has to follow it with at least two negatives as to knock me down to below where I was before the conversation started.  One step forward, two steps back, is my new motto. 

– xoxo Victoria


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