Life Is Better At The Lake


I left my Heart in Havasu.  I LOVED living in Lake Havasu City.  I seriously miss it daily.  We had an amazing view, the lake a few miles away, 2 boats to go out on, a pool and more than 610 square feet to live in when we weren’t at the lake.  The town was wheelchair friendly, as was our house … the shower, the doorways, the bathroom…

When we were in Havasu it seemed like everything was easier.  Maybe because we had more space so we couldn’t get on each others nerves as much, maybe because we didn’t have people just walking in the door whenever THEY wanted to, maybe because we didn’t have people around EVERYDAY telling me what I SHOULD be doing or how to do something better.  

I miss how much easier life was there.  We were alone, we didn’t have people in and out all the time, we were allowed to actually be a couple.  Make decisions for us and only us.  We didn’t have input from people who had their own agenda.  

When we lived in Havasu Duane was physically better.  He was mentally better.  I miss that.  I miss going out to dinner, taking Buddy to the lake to throw him the tennis ball and watching him swim.  I miss sitting out front and watching the sunset, eating lunch by the pool.  I miss being able to exercise.  Spending the day floating on the lake.  I miss being about to leave Duane alone (even in the other room) for more than 15 minutes.  I miss holding hands, getting a hug and laughing at stupid things.

I am well aware that if we were still in Havasu he would be progressing.  I am well aware that we would have faced challenges there as well.  Moving back to San Diego was the smart decision, I just wish we didn’t have to make it. 

I just miss that whole part of our lives, when everything was easier. 

– xoxo Victoria


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