Mitch’s Seafood


After a rough two days, out of the blue, Duane said he wanted to go do something.  Caught off guard I suggested coffee – thinking I could run in and grab it and we could drive to the beach and sit in the car and drink it like we’ve done before.  He agreed.  

After his shower he said he wanted “fish and chips” – from Mitch’s.   It has been since before Thanksgiving that he has eaten in a public place.  I got him dressed, into the car and off we went.  

When we got to Mitch’s I was able to get us into a small corner hidden table where he sat while we ordered.  It took longer than usual, but when our food came it was delicious. Unfortunately after 1 piece of fish and a few fries Duane started choking.  He forced down a little more fish before it was evident we needed to pack up and leave.  We sat in the car for about 20 minutes with him coughing and choking before we were able to go home.  

I feel so bad for him.  I know he wants to go out, eat out, have fun – it’s sad that now even this is near impossible.  I appreciate the effort he made for me and love him for it!  

– xoxo Victoria


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