“I used to have a blankie, and when my mom had to wash it, I would sit outside the dryer and watch it go round and round, and cry.” – Drew Barrymore

Buddy has had this duck since the day I brought him home.  It has been through his three surgeries, numerous moves and at least 50 repairs.  We hit a point today where ducky can no longer be sewn back together…he has to be patched.  

To all of those who say, “just toss the duck, he won’t know”.  I wish.  We can’t. One night about three years ago Duane and I spent 45 minutes searching the house, deck and water looking for this stupid toy with Buddy crying and whining the whole time.  We finally found it, outside under the hammock.  Straight to bed he went.  

At this point I’ll patch the dog everyday to keep the peace.

-xoxo Victoria

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