This is our first Christmas tree in eight years.  For my first Christmas in Reno Duane surprised me with a tree when I came home from work.  The next year I decided to surprise Duane with a tree when he came home from work…I didn’t know you had to cut the bottom off of the tree before you put it in the holder – I thought the screw things just held it in place.  WRONG!!!  I spent hours decorating it and setting it up, so excited for Duane to see it the next morning.  (I even drove in the snow to get the tree – this was right after I rolled his truck in the snow! – Big Deal) Well when he got home in the morning the door slammed behind him and the tree tipped over onto our glass kitchen table. OOPSIE!  So we haven’t had a tree since.  I figured this little one would work perfect! 

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

– xoxo Victoria

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