On The Road Again

Well the time has come for us to move again…it’s been six months! HAHAHAHA!  We will be moving back to San Diego, Del Mar to be specific at the end of July.  There were many factors that contributed to the move, the main ones being the 122 degree weather with a broken pool and no way to get on the boat alone anymore.  It’s also time to have more help and be closer to family.  We found a cute little one bedroom house a block from the beach.  

For everyone that would like to come visit us in San Diego you are all welcome.  The boat is always available for people to stay on and you all Duane loves to go out fishing!  Hope to see you all soon in San Diego.

– xoxo Victoria

One thought on “On The Road Again

  1. Safe travels and God Blees you both. I hope we can come see you. Tell D my oldest son Brooks asks all about him and talks about him regularly and about how much he admires him and respects him. 😊 Thanks again Victoria for sharing your heart and your adventures with us. It means a lot to us for you to take the time to share your story and Duane’s story with all of us. We know you and Duane and your woofs included are very busy! XO, Julie LeBlanc-Warneke. (Julz)

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